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Voice Over

Experienced voice artist with home studio equipped with Rode NTG2 mic,
Scarlet 2i2 interface, Adobe Audition, and SourceConnect. 

Audiobook Demos

Fiction by Chad Harbach

After playing a game against a team from Chicago, Westish College student Mike Schwartz meets physically short and not muscular Henry Skrimshander and first sees his unusual gift for fielding.

YA Fiction/Sci-Fi by David Arnold

On her eighteenth birthday, Niko blows out one candle with her father, loving his company while at the same time worrying about him and missing her mother. She needs some air.

Introduction to Life Ascending, setting the stage for the wonders of evolution and the scientists who dedicate themselves to discovering them. 

Non-Fiction/Science (Popular) by Nick Lane

Commercial Demos

Online ad for downloadable app.

Guide and explainer to how to use the app.

Assuming a role in the world of the app and guiding the user through the various functions.

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